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Coolroom Installations

If your business needs a modification, or a new coolroom installation, Dynamic Refrigeration can meet your exact business requirements with a level of service that is second to none.

Dynamic Refrigeration work across a range of industries such as restaurant, food processing, medical, pharmaceutical, and chemical, industries

Our team of experts use accredited food-safe materials which meet the Australian Refrigeration Council Ltd (ARC) industry standards.

Coolrooms are used by many industries for a variety of commercial applications to preserve product quality. They are engineered to maintain the temperature & moisture content of the product.

Dynamic Refrigeration service and install a wide range or freezer room options for example:

Walk-in CoolRooms
Walk-in coolrooms are rooms designed for stock that exceeds cabinet-style refrigerators. The rooms are designed with the intention of allowing a person to walk into the space and easily and quickly access products stored on the shelving.

Customised Coolroom Options
Dynamic Refrigeration can provide a customised made to measure coolroom to fit your allocated business space. All forms of access, product load, refrigeration requirements, and energy efficiency are extensively assessed. We can provide you with a range of refrigerant options, designs, and sizes to meet your specific coolroom requirements, regardless of your industry.